„Introduction to R“ and „Introduction to Machine Learning with R“ in Hamburg! Ensure your participation in our popular eoda courses until April 14th and become an R-expert in May.

What you can look forward to? Our program at a glance:  

May 14th – 15th | Introduction to R 

With practical tips and exercises, this introductory course serves as a basis for the further use of R in individual applications. The aim of the course is to teach the logic and terminology of R to participants without profound and previous knowledge in order to develop the fundament for independent work.  

May 16th – 17th | Introduction in Machine Learning with R 

In this introductory course you will gain an insight into machine learning algorithms. Besides developing own models, you will also learn what challenges you will face and how to master them in order to develop artificial intelligence applications based on your data. 

In this introduction, eoda will teach you the skills you need for implementing machine learning processes independently in R by using practical examples and exercises.  


Would you like to be a part of it? Then register by 14 April 2019 at: Follow.

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