The next meeting at 6.30pm on November 11 will revolve around the subject “data analysis with R”. Experienced R users will present the topics “cluster analysis” and “Hidden Markov models”. It will take place at the Science Park Kassel.

The lecture on cluster analysis by Andreas Wygrabek will deal with different algorithms and the procedure of classification. Jens Bruno Wittek will present the implementation of Hidden Markov models in R and show practical examples of application.

The useR Group is looking forward to many participants and additional lectures on the topic “data analysis with R”.

Please sign up here if you would like to join:

Datenanalyse mit R ist das Thema im nächsten Meetup der Kasseler useR Group

Review of the last meetup

Motivated by two interesting lectures, the R users exchanged their experiences of the use of R at the meetup in October.

On the occasion of the 7000th R package, Martin Schneider looked at the development of R and the status quo of the language. For the first time in the history of the Kasseler useR Group there was an English lecture by Dr. Paul Marrow about his work with R and advantages of the professional use of the language.

The slides of the two presentations are available on the meetup website of the Kasseler useR Group.
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