For a long time, SPSS has been presumed to be the standard tool for statistical data analysis in companies and public institutions. Now, more users are considering changing their programming language to R – the promising solution in regard to data mining and predictive analytics.

eoda migrateR
eoda migrateR

R warrants the availability of current data analysis methods because of the close connection with the worldwide data science community. Due to the growth of extension packages, R is the leader in range of features and flexibility.

An essential advantage is the integration of R in existing IT environments. Almost every database features interfaces to R. By connecting with other programming languages such as C++ and JavaScript, R can be optimized and expanded.

There is no end in sight relating to the positive development of R because of the support of the community and companies like Oracle®, Microsoft® and SAP®. Pioneers of big data business such as Google have employed R development teams long ago.

Additionally, R is open source which means it is licence-free unlike other analysing solutions.

The translation from SPSS syntax to R code can turn into a difficult IT project. A manual migration is error-prone, complex and the creation of a functional equivalent R script is complicated due to the differences between the two languages.

eoda offers SPSS users R at the push of a button

As a result of the automation of the migration process, translate2R – a service which was developed by the German eoda GmbH – seeks the solution of these problems. At the push of a button, translate2R translates SPSS code into fully functioning R script.

eoda | migrateR provides the data analyst with an integrated offer related to translate2R, which consists of project management, consulting, code translation and R training.

Due to the official release of translate2R, eoda offers a comprehensive assessment to SPSS users. The assessment is composed of a workshop to evaluate the existing SPSS code, an individual report including recommendations for action regarding R migration and additional the participation in the R introductory course.

Our offer at a glance:

  • One-day inhouse workshop
  • First evaluation of your scripts
  • Report with recommendations
  • Participation in a R-introductory course of eoda

For a short time at an introductory price of 999,-€*

For more information about the assessment and eoda | migrateR feel free to contact us.
This way.


*excluding VAT and travel costs outside of Germany

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