translateR is the new service from German based R specialist eoda, which helps users to translate SPSS® Code to R automatically.
Today we presented translateR at the useR!2014 in L.A., the world’s most popular conference for the R statistical language.
translateR allows a fast and easy migration from SPSS® to R. The manual translation of complex SPSS® scripts, with thousands of lines of code, is a tedious and error-prone task, with incalculable costs. translateR reduces manual translation to a minimum and so the risks of unexpected high costs are minimized.

A user-friendly and intuitively solution

translateR is developed in cooperation with the University of Kassel and financially supported by the LOEWE-program of the state Hessen. translateR will be available as a cloud service and as a desktop application. The migration process of translateR happens transparent and comprehensible for the user.
For Data Scientists with a background in SPSS® translateR is also an easy way to start in with R. In addition, the User has the possibility to integrate typical SPSS® functions easily.

Translate your SPSS code to R automatically
Translate your SPSS code to R automatically

translateR opens the door to the “most powerful programming language for data analysis”

The migration of existing statistical scripts to R opens the door to almost unlimited opportunities for Ddata analysis, and visualization, Data Mining, Predictive Analytics and even more. With a world-wide community that continuously improves R, the quality, functionality, and actuality of R sets highest standards for data analysis, data mining and predictive analytics. After a successful start of translateR, it is planned to expand translateR to other statistical languages besides SPSS®.
For further information about translateR or support for migration projects, please get in touch with us on our webpage. You will also find there the slides of the translateR presentation at the useR! 2014.

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  1. Hello Alexander, thank you for your interest in translateR. Currently we can not give an exactly information about the date of availability. On our website and our blog we will inform you about the development of translateR steadily .

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