In our Data Science Training course “Interactive Datavisualization with R” participants learned today how to build interactive graphics in R using the shiny and the googleVis package.

Interactive Web Application with R
Interactive Web Application with R

Rstudios shiny package is a great way to build an Application for interactive visualizations out of R.
For our example App we recreated Hans Rosslings (Gapminder) Visualization which puts a countries Life-Expectancy in relation with its Gross-Domestic-Product.

We used the data from via the rdatamarket Package. We combined data from Gapminder(Population), the World Bank (GDP) and from the United Nations (Life-Expectancy) with each other. even offers an R-console snippet for importing the data directly into R (Under Export).

The following lines of code shows what you need to do. Have fun with  R in the web.

[embedit snippet=“getdata“]

[embedit snippet=“server“]

[embedit snippet=“ui“]

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