eoda’s R-academy celebrates its third anniversary and is extending the extensive training program for R

The free statistical programming language R becomes more and more popular, even in German speaking areas. This happens for various reasons.

Besides from its performance, its quality and its open source character, R scores with its various possibilities for integration. Beyond that R offers a multitude of possibilities in the field of multivariate analysis methods. Cluster-, regression-, and factor analysis can be processed with R as well as text mining or analysis of genomic data. Furthermore R is suitable for the development of interactive applications – at least as a part of it.

With the R-Academy eoda offers a wide ranging and integral training program around the topics of R and data analysis. So the R-Academy offers one of the biggest ranges of R trainings in the German speaking area. The offer stretches from introduction courses to programming courses, which are designed for participants which have already made experience with R, so that every interested person will find the right course according to his or her experience. The R-Academy already exists since three years and could therefore convey knowledge of R to a multitude of participants to guarantee the maximum benefit of the use of R.

The R-Academy is always adjusting to the demand of the business environment, newest statistical methods and the growing fields of application of R. Besides from the application in classical statistical methods even concrete fields of application like quality management or reproducible research are typical fields in which R can be used.

Therefore the R-Academy will offer the following new courses in 2014:

  • Programming with R II
  • Reproducible Research with R
  • Big Data with R
  • Hadoop with R
  • Applied statistics in Quality Management with R

The introduction course as well as the courses offered in the previous year will, of course, take place in 2014 again regularly. Registration is possible immediately. Early birds and members of universities can benefit from special conditions. More information concerning course contents and dates can be found here: www.eoda.de and www.r-akademie.de.

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