“Interactive Graphics with R” Course – Kassel, Germany, October 24

Interactive graphics are a flexible and efficient way to analyze data and to present analysis results. Interactive graphic applications offer queries, selections, highlighting or the modification of graphic parameters. In the environment of R, there are various concepts that make the creation of interactive graphics and applications possible directly out of R (IPlots, googlevis, shiny e.g.). The course gives an overview of the creation of interactive graphics with R and provides tools to implement interactive visualizations in R independently.

What we offer:
•    Courses in small groups with a maximum of 12 participants
•    Sufficient practice phases to put the learned material to practice
•    High praxis orientation is guaranteed through our experienced trainers and application-oriented exercises
•    High quality materials and standard data records
•    Screening of the learning results
•    The courses are designed to be held in German, but can optionally be held in English

Here you can watch a Shiny demo. More information can be found here.

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